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By making a donation to 5th Street Creative Initiatives, you are helping us promote safe, educational and creative environments for our children and youth.  The ability to provide these programs for free rests in the hands of community partners, supportive families and fundraising organisations.  Help us keep our youth confident and motivated so we can mold confident change -makers for future generations.


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how can i help?

There are several ways you can help:
1. Become a community partner by offering a service, a monetary donation* or a product or service donation**.

2. Become a community partner by sponsoring an event, or participating in an event cost free.

3. Give us ideas or connections with people in an expert industry that can help us expand our free program offerings.

4. Volunteer at any of our upcoming events or workshops.


help us plant the seed of change and volunteer today.

what will my donation help with?

5th Street is a Not For Profit Organization which means that all of the funding we get goes back into the business. We use it to hire professionals to teach our workshops, or for our online Marketing and for funding free community events.  Every penny that comes in as a donation goes back out to help support our children and youth and provide a better future for them.


what would responsibility look like for a volunteer?

A Volunteer for 5th Street Creative Initiatives can come in and shape or form. You can dictate the number of hours you can contribute. We will take what we can get! If you are an expert, your volunteer time will be dependent on the project you take on, or the scope of work you would like to contribute to the idea or initiative.

create change!

Volunteering at 5th Street Initiatives can come in any form.  We would love to see volunteers for any of the following:

  • Event Coordination Assistance

  • Blog posts writing

  • Creative Design - images, videos, pamphlets etc

  • Sponsorship and Fundraising Cold Calling




5th Street wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for a stream of experts helping us along. Part of our goal is to provide the community with free and accessible programs for children and youth, but it is also in helping our community grow through initiatives.

If you or your business has something to offer, it may be expertise, the want to give back, the ability to sponsor an event or even the ability to teach something new - we want to hear from you!

TELL US how you can help us grow:

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*5th Street is a registered charity, all donations go back into funding and improving our products, our brand and our growth.

**A product or service donation can be either a gift certificate redeemable for your business or something you have created, like a painting, jewelry, home-made products etc. We will use these donations for silent auctions to help raise funds towards upcoming events.