NOVEMBER 2nd - 11th 
intimate recollections: Stories of war

Remembrance Day challenges Canadians with one task: to never forget. But, we want to challenge people to change the way that they choose to remember.


Intimate Recollections: Stories of War is a week-long Remembrance Day celebration designed to inspire the community to remember by collectively discovering and embracing history. 


Participants of all ages will be encouraged to share various Canadian war-related stories through art. Art will include paintings, poems, original music, film, artifacts, sculptures, and photographs with descriptions. Films from the National Film Board will also presented.

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Community members will be encouraged to interact with art, but they will also be invited to listen to the stories of local historians, veterans, and artists who will help us resist forgetfulness.

Intimate Recollections: Stories of War will invite the community to ask themselves: What are the realities of war? Why should we be grateful for those who fought for us? What are the consequences of losing personal stories of war?

Join us for a week-long, artistic, interactive exploration of the reality of our freedom, and the cost many paid to bring it home to Canada.

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All other events are free to the public.  Donations are graciously accepted. 

Memorabilia show & Tell

Saturday November 2nd  1:00 - 4:00 pm 

Collingwood Public Library 3rd Floor

At 1pm Carole Stuart will be opening with a PowerPoint Presentation Collingwood's Forgotten Heroes: WWI Letters from the Front and following this, the people in attendance will be free to see the memorabilia and talk to the people about the history and significance of the items on display. 

Do you have a story to tell or an item of interest from your family?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact if you have artifacts, memorabilia and stories you would like to share in the show and tell. 

Canadian films
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Featured Speakers

Saturday November 2nd 1:00 pm

Collingwood Public Library 3rd Floor

Collingwood's Forgotten Heroes:  WWI Letters from the Front

Carole Stuart, Coordinator of the Local History and Genealogy Department and our immensely knowledgeable local historian. 

Monday November 4th 7:00-8:30 pm

Simcoe Street Theatre

Metis Service in Canadian Conflicts

Paul Pririe, OCT

(you are welcome to attend the film Forgotten Warriors WWII at 5:30 pm beforehand)

Tuesday November 5th 7:00- 9:00 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

Poems of War and Remembrance

Day Merrill, Collingwood Poet Laureate

(you are welcome to attend the film John McCrea's War at 5:30 pm beforehand)

Thursday November 7th 7:00- 9:00 pm 

Collingwood Public Library, Freeschools Room

The African-Canadian Experience in War

Jane Cooper-Wilson

Monday November 4th 5:30 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

Forgotten Warriors - WWII

This documentary introduces us to thousands of Indigenous Canadians who enlisted and fought along side their countrymen and women during World War II, even though they could not be conscripted. Ironically, while they fought for the freedom of others, they were being denied equality in their own country and returned home to find their land seized. 

Loretta Todd's poignant film offers forth the testimony of those who were there, and how they managed to heal. 

51 min

Tuesday November 5th 5:30 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

John McCrae's War

This feature documentary profiles poet John McCrae, from his childhood in Ontario to his years in medicine at McGill University and the WWI battlefields of Belgium, where he cared for wounded soldiers.  Generations of school children have recited McCrae's iconic poem "In Flanders Field", but McCrae and Alexis Helmer-the young man whose death inspired the poem - have faded from memory. This film seeks to revive their stories through a vivid portrait of a great man in Canadian history.

46 min

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Performing Arts

Wednesday November 6th 6:00 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

Caught in the Crossfire

*first in a 3-part Protection Force Series

Caught in the Crossfire is an in depth and moving look at how Canadian soldiers keep peace in wartorn former Yugoslavia. Seen through the soldier's eyes, it pays tribute to a community of men and women who have earned the respect of all sides in a bloody dispute. Throughout the film, we gain an awareness of the difficult work of our peace keepers and of the successes that have resulted from our Canadian policy of refusing to take sides in the conflict. 

45 min

Wednesday November 6th 7:00 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

In God's Command 

*second in a 3-part Protection Force Series

This documentary introduces us to Captain Mark Sargent, chaplain to the Canadian peacekeeper (soldiers of the First Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) stationed in former Yugoslavia.  It offers an intimate look at the work of this remarkable man as he travels from bunker to bunker and from village to village ministering to soldiers and civilians caught in the bloody conflict that has torn apart the Balkans. 

45 min

Wednesday November 6th 8:00 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

The Price of Duty

*third in a 3-part Protection Force Series

A tribute to Canadian peacekeeper Mark Isfeld, or "Issy" as he was known to his fellow soldiers.  In the first three years of UN peacekeeping activity in former Yugoslavia, ten Canadian soldiers died. Many others were seriously injured, a number of whom were "engineers"-soldiers assigned the dangerous task of clearing land mines to create a safer environment for the local people. As we see in dramatic close-up, this is a painstaking job requiring great personal risk, nerves of steal and unwavering trust among soldiers. It's a job that cost Canadian peacekeeper Mark Isfeld his life. 

47 min

Thursday November 7th 3:00 pm 

Simcoe Street Theatre

The War Hospital

Shot in cinema-vérité style, this feature doc immerses us it the sights and sounds of the worlds largest field hospital, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sudan.  The ICRC allowed film makers Davis Christensen and Damien Lewis unprecedented access to the surgical hospital and local medical staff as they care for wounded Sudanese soldiers and women and children, all casualties of the civil war. 

With no narrator and minimal explanation, War Hospital simply and powerfully captures the joy and sadness of life and death. 

1hr 29 min

Friday November 8th 8:00 pm 

Saturday November 9th 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm

Sunday November 10th 2:00 pm

Simcoe Street Theatre

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