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DUE TO THE fact that our programs are extended to the public for free, we have strict policies surrounding attendance and participation.  We want participants who are interested in the programming and participate in the classes on a weekly basis.  Some of our programs are limited to the number of spots available, thus if we have a wait list, we will have to give up the spots of uninterested participants to a wait-listed individual.


What is considered and "uninterested student"?

  1. An individual who misses 3 classes without any pre-registration mention or warning.

  2. A student who constantly interrupts the class due to lack of interest or unwillingness to be a part of the learning environment.

  3. A student who interferes with the other students ability to learn

Our goal is to empower the participants in developing interests and skills as well as nurture friendships and empathy, the only way we can successfully achieve our goals as an organization is by having interested students in our classrooms.

An Interested Studentis an individual who has the willingness to learn and genuinely wants to be a part of the said program

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