Literacy Live!

Our 2021/22 Literacy Live Program Series is ongoing so make sure you check our website and social media to stay up-to-date on the latest program offerings!

We've partnered with the Collingwood Public Library and Collingwood Youth Centre to host a 3 program series where youth will find their voices, discover what they believe in, and express their opinions through art!


The series kicks off with non-partisan activist, writer, and community organizer Dave Meslin.  Next, youth hear from filmmaker and storyteller John Cardillo. 


With inspiration from these special guests, youth will participate in final a zine-making workshop with the option to keep the final product, add them permanently to the Library's Teen collection, or work with staff to have them mailed to the Prime Minister.


This series was made possible with the generous support of the Town of Collingwood and Tourism Simcoe County.

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Title:             Find Your Voice with Dave Meslin

Date/Time:  November 16, 4 pm

Details:         Free - Zoom - Registration Required at:

Join us in an exciting conversation with Toronto-based writer and community organizer Dave Meslin as he helps break down Canada's voting system, empowering youth (ages 12-18) to discover and use their voices.



Title:             Literacy Live with John Cardillo!

Date/Time:  November 30, 4pm 

Details:         Free - Zoom - Registration Required at:

Join us for an evening conversation with local filmmaker, photographer and activist John Cardillo as he helps youth find ways to use their voice through art and film.

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Title:             Zine Workshop - COMING SOON!

Date/Time:  TBD -  

Details:         Free - Zoom - Registration Required.



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Who?:          Tourism Simcoe County

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Who?:       Collingwood Public Library

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Who?:       John Cardillo Jr

What?:      John Cardillo Jr is a local filmmaker, photographer, and activist. He began his film career at age seventeen by creating Senior Year – Canada’s first feature film made solely by high school students. John lead 125 students from five local high schools in the creation of this film and all of its proceeds were donated to a local shelter for abused women and children. In 2019, John and the Collingwood Youth Centre Film Production Team released No Home In Sight – a full-length documentary about the invisible problem of youth homelessness in his local area. The documentary was a rousing success that garnered a tremendous response from his community. Following a weekend of sellouts, the production raised $20,000 that went directly to helping at-risk and homeless youth in his community. More recently, John has been involved in a series of initiatives, including the development of the Collingwood Youth Centre's Youth Council. Follow John and his work on his website or Instagram

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Who?:       Collingwood Youth Centre

What?:      The Collingwood Youth Centre (CYC) works with youth to create a safe, relaxing, and respectful environment that celebrates youth culture in all its diversity. They off all kinds of cool things for you to do, including a technology center, a recording studio, a culinary kitchen, video games, and tons more! Learn more about CYC programs and community work by following them on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube

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Who?:       Dave Meslin

What?:      Dave Meslin is a writer, activist, artist, and community organizer who inspires better engagement between governments and citizens. He formed the Toronto Public Space Committee that in 2005 was chosen as the "Best Activist Group" by both EYE Weekly and NOW magazines. Dave appears as an expert on political engagement in national media. His TED talk about apathy has more than 1.5 million views and his 90-second video clip from the 2016 federal election coverage, using colourful stacks of Lego bricks to explain how our voting system fails us, has over 2.5 million views on Facebook alone. Dave is now a part-time resident of Grey Highlands and in 2021 he organized the 9th Line Kite Festival with over 2000 attendees and is a part of a national campaign to lower Canada's voting age to 16! Follow his activism and community work on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or check out a copy of his book Tear Down: Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up