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Summer Camps

& how it impacts you!

What we do



5th Street Creative Initiatives is a registered charity which seeks to bring children, youth, seniors, people living with disabilities & people from vulnerable communities as well as the general public together with the arts.

With a focus on pluralism, multiculturalism and social inclusion, 5th Street offers programs,  private tutoring, workshops, courses, lectures, events and symposiums which give the participants the opportunity to learn, create and share their thoughts and creativity with others.

Our goal is to empower the participants in developing interests and skills as well as nurture friendships and empathy.

We are continually partnering with other organizations in the community, forging new bonds and exploring new venues for our programs promoting good health and well-being with the arts.


Designed for children ranging from 3-12, we offer a variety of programs to introduce children to a variety of different ideas like music and the arts.  

Youth Programs!

Our Youth Programming is designed for the 13-19 year old. Programs run from the Collingwood Library and are catered to growth, inclusion and initiatives. They help give youth purpose and goals. 





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