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Our program schedule is ever evolving. Make sure to check back regularly or follow along on social media to see what is coming up.

We are always looking for volunteers or sponsorships or partners who would be interested in helping us create and maintain these kinds of programs in the Collingwood and Surrounding areas.  If you or someone you know is an expert, please inquire through the appropriate program below.

UPComing programs
organic structures
global & classical music

Our world is precious. The combination of our creative minds and influencing the youth of our communities to instigate change is the purpose of this upcoming project. In this program, we want youth to imagine, design, create and build organic structures that can serve as habitats. 

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We aspire to encourage the development of music in our culture by investigating and learning classical and global music. The idea is to teach through presentation, bring in local talent to demonstrate and teach instruments of various types and continue the growth and interest of music in our youth.

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community christmas dinner

As a follow up to our culinary course, we are inviting our culinary course graduates to help in the preparation of a community fundraising Christmas dinner. Our youth will create the food for the limited seating and funds raised will go back into programming budgets for 5th Street.

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fundraiser cooking events

Similar to our Christmas Dinner, we hope to conduct many limited seating cooking events allowing our culinary students the ability to practice their skills in a real life setting and giving them the ability to grow their resumes and their experience towards future goals like college/university and/or careers in a culinary related field.

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recycled street art
creating and branding cosmetic & cleaning products

In an effort to encourage people to think outside of the box, we are seeking interested candidates or interested artists to prepare street art from recycled sources.


The ideal setting would be to show case this recycled art throughout downtown Collingwood in an effort to even better position Collingwood as an interesting tourist attraction as well as show off local talent and teach younger artists how to create something from recycled materials. 

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This course is ideal for the self starting individual who has a strong interest in personal health, the environment and product creation.  


Working alongside a leading organic and natural oil company, this course will teach individuals the following skills in designing and manufacturing a cosmetic or personal care product.


How to: formulate, manufacture, fill, comply with regulation, design packaging, product costing and budgeting, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, and finally sales and presentation coaching.

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Global Music & Culture Festival

Encouraging the excitement around global music and culture, we would like to create a yearly festival dedicated to global music influence and culture.  Children and Youth who participated in previous global and culture programs would be invited to assist in the development of this festival and learn the skill set necessary to event planning and coordinating a large scale event.

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